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Revotec - Logo

Our Approach is to

No dream, nor concept, is too big to believe that it can't be done. We are a team of dreamers and engineers who use the basis of math and physics in every project we obtain. Centralizing the focus on providing an environment for the software to grow alongside its' parent controllers. We see beyond the scope of just building programs, but adventure deep into the psychology of human connections to technology itself, and the intrinisc characters that balance the two.

In Progress on a New Website & Service/Products

Coming Soon :: New Updates

We are currently settling into our new office & are slowly structuring our new operations process with new hires and management, so please bare with us as we set-up it all for a sync'd implementation.

Revotec, previously known as RevoTech Industries, is taking a big leap into the future of the company with our new focus on our patented software & hardware. Revotec no longer aims to just provide a development service, but has finally took the necessary steps towards our main mission:
providing privacy and control back to the end-user.

If you currently have any questions relating to development/design work,
please contact for any further details and pricing.